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La Casa Del Obrero Mundial #8 w/ Muk b2b Shakiro Nil

4 May 2020

This edition of La Casa del Obrero Mundial is a very special experimental chopped and screwed mix Muk did back to back with one of the most interesting experimental music deejays of Mexico City – Shakiro Nil. Emilio Ancira is a visual artist and music producer from Mexico City that goes under the alias Shakiro Nil. He is the co-founder of No System Productions and founder of the ambient music label Antimateria Sonora. His style had been influenced by instrumental and experimental music made with computers and programming such as algorave, in his music you can find a mixture of eclectic sounds like drone, ambient and techno. This mix is a trip through abstract and lesser known compositions with reminescences of something known from past lives in the vein of good old Hidden Reverse. Light a s joint and enjoy!


1. Sugai Ken - おんごろもち巣路 - ONGOROMOCHI SOUJI
2. Alessandro Alessandroni - Preludietto
3. Collapsing Market - Attract Abundance
4. Art of Noise - Ode to San Jose
5. Lueke - Dem A Burning
6. The Prodigy - Narayan
7. Yoshitaka Hikawa - 'Metal'
8. Galvanica - Night Lights in Japan
9. Siete Catorce - Algo
10. rAMZI - Etwal
11. ????
12. Coil - Tiny Golden Books
13. 2678262 & Shakiro Nil - Oculto
14. SoiSong - Dtorumi
15. Rene Hell - Meta Concrete
16. ????
17. Buttechno - u.d.u
18. ????
19. LXV - Cantos
20, Second Woman - 100407jd7
21. Burial - Forgive

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