Weekly Schedule (CET)

La Casa Del Obrero Mundial #1000 w/ Muk

01 February 2021
  • Avant-Garde
  • Collage
  • Downtempo
  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • Atmospheric
  • Cinematic
  • Druggy
  • Euphoric
  • Excitable

La Casa del Obrero Mundial is back with its first entry for this years bi-monthly schedule with it’s usuals: sound recordings from the worlds surrealist capital that is Mexico City and gems from Muk’s gembox. The mood here has been one of intensified daydreaming due to the ever boresome pandemic, allusions to imaginary travels in a real world – longing for one-day-to-happen trips to Japan, through the electricity stream of analogue devices and synths, combined with bits from real escapes: a variety of birds from exotic parrots to rustic roosters, a bird also being a symbol of freedom and a wish to be set free and fly. Never forgotten is the theme of love and how this is the medicine number one from any malady or low-being, brain connection with your dear ones – even to a level of telepathy! Birds, Japan-Mexico, longing for freedom, at-home-love and analogue streams, imagination and brain connections are the themes for Cashmere’s most surrealist show – from Mexico, with real love.



1. Tolouse Lowtrax - Milk In Water
2. Audio recording of Mexico birds from Muk's treehouse
3. Adolf & Eva - Det Is Nu Wehf
4. Clock DVA - Sign
5. Audio recording of knife sharpener
6. Audio recording of street-snack - chicken legs seller
7. Audio recording of Muk's Brazilian lover
8. Gina & Gypsy - Moonshine
9. Coloured Music - Heartbeat
10. Phew - The Void
11. Audio recording of street-snack - corn in a cup with mayonnaise and lemon seller
12. From Nursery to Misery - Momentum of the Dance
13. John Foxx - Sitting at the Edge of the World
14. Audio recording of Muk talking to a cat
15. Roger and Brian Eno - Blonde
16. Audio recording of Oaxaca roosters
17. Die Parte - Guten Morgen in Koln
18. Interference - Qpe 5 Dub Mix
19. Audio recording of talk about DMT molecule
20. Romeo Poirier - Du Rocher
21. Audio recording of Tullum birds
22. A mash of all kinds of Isabel Pantoja's Asi Fue
23. Phew - Midnight Awakening
24. Audio recording of musique concrete in a shopping mall
25. Chris Carter - Versix
26. Audio recording of the star-tool
27. Neon Eyes - Communication without sound
28. Audio recording of sassy talk in Mexican bus station
29. Ruper Hine - Picture Phone (futurist track!)
30. Jac Berrocal / David Fenech / Vincent Epplay - Going Nowhere
31. Kevin Lezo - Oooh Ooh Bar Baby
32. Audio recording of closing mezcal bottles with a martillo
33. Angel Corpus Cristi - Dream Baby Dream
34. Audio recordings of Oaxacan roosters, hens and campamochas
35. John Foxx - Your Dress