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La Casa Del Obrero Mundial #1 w/ Muk

25 February 2019
  • Art-Rock
  • Blues
  • Collage
  • Experimental
  • Electronic
  • Celebratory
  • Cinematic
  • Dreamy
  • Druggy
  • Playful

First, introductory edition of La Casa del Obrero Mundial. Here’s some first brushstrokes to what this colourful monster is going to become in the future – this time without interviews, just a fluid collection of sounds from Mexican streets and places as well as some quirky little musics from the past and present. During the show two unreleased tracks are premiered – YNV’s ‘DW3’ and TYVYT|IYTYI’s ‘Beyond Reach’. Enjoy the spins and swirls.

Casa del Obrero Mundial


1. Sound recording from mercado in Av. Arcos de Belen
2. The Hypothetical Prophets - Budapest 45
3. Julian Cope - Preaching Revolution
4. Michele Mercure - Eyechant
5. Sound recording of apocalyptic fruit vendor
6. Laraaji - Today
7. Sound recording of weird singing hair accesories vendor in the metro
8. Sound recording of singing kid in the metro
9. Brian Eno - Some of them are Old
10. Dominique Guiot - Alerte En Mer
11. YNV - DC3
12. Sound recording of looking for an afterparty with Erick Diego and Angel Tovar
13. Mueran Humanos - Horas Tristes (+ excerpt from live recording)
14. Throbbing Gristle - E-Coli
15. Julian Cope - Alexei Sayler Driver Improvement Course
16. Julian Cope - Creedist Blues
17. Recording of Erick Diego singing
18. Recording of me reading poetry
19. Los Angeles Negros - El Rey y Yo
20. Orgue Agnes - Fume Future
21, Vernal Equinox - New Found World
22.TYVYT|IYTYI - Beyond Reach
23. Sound recording of Japanese doll talking Spanish
24. IXNA - Mi Ne Parolas