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Liquid Love #23 with Gene Siewing

07 April 2018
  • Funk/Soul
  • Pop
  • Funky

As always in April on Liquid Love my show is dedicated to Mr. Prince Rogers Nelson. Threw in a funny story and some more short interviews to boot. As always on Liquid Love, there are NO REPEATS. This mans discography is endless. I miss my friend everyday but also grateful we were able to experience his brilliance. Hope you enjoy!



1. Story from Jimmy Fallon & Quest Love
2. Beautiful Strange
3. Crystal Ball
4. Call My Name
5. How Come You Don't Call Me
6. When The Lights Go Down
7. Black Sweat
8. Scream Of Passion Soundcheck 1984
9. Money Don't Matter Tonight
10. Instrumental No.1 (Jazz-Funk Sessions)
11. Cream (Acoustic)
12. Get Your Groove On
13. Guitar
14. Feel Better Feel Good Feel Wonderful
15. Nothing Compares To You