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Liquid Love #26 with Gene ‘G-Spot’ Siewing & Alexis Tucci

30 June 2018
  • House
  • Funky
  • Soulful
  • Uplifting

It really feels like this Liquid Love installment has come full circle as far as my roots are concerned. Coming up in the Rave scene in the early 90’s in St. Louis was THE biggest influence and beginnings of falling in love with dance music for myself. The Raves in the early 90’s was where I learned not only my chops DJing, but more importantly coming together as a community on our beloved dancefloor. It really had more of an impact than I might have thought, to be honest! There were (and still are b.t.w.) all walks of life from all different creedcolor, race, sexuality, gender, religion or whatever that people have been indoctrinated with (to separate us), coming together to share the love for dance music. There, on the dancefloor, at a very early age, is where I learned one of the most important life lessons that I would take with me forever: If We Can Dance Together, We Can Live Together.

That all being said, my very special guest, all the way from my hometown of St. Louis Missouri, Alexis Tucci, is one of the major Rave promotors in St.Louis. The list of her events is endless, to say the least; from Nocturnal Wonderland to Nectar, Liquid Dreams, Horizons, just to name a few! In the interview I touch on everything from her events, to how she fell in love with the dance music community, and where she visited this time on her Euopean tour. After that she throws down an amazing mix of house music that is not to be missed! It was really great to see her and wish her continued success and a VERY BIG LIQUID LOVE THANKS!!! Love ya! xxoo



Unfortunately no tracklist.
If you ask Alexis nicely, I'm sure she would be more than happy to help you out.