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Liquid Love #37 w/ Gene ‘G-spot’ Siewing

01 June 2019
  • Funk/Soul
  • Funky
  • Sensual
  • Soulful

Hidy Ho Liquid Lovers!

It’s your monthly injection of that sweet, sweet, Liquidity Love. And on this episode, as every episode, we actually heal the world boys and girls. What?? And you just thought we were listening to music? ha! Forget it. Not on my show. I’m for real y’all 😉 There’s new music from 2019, some recent represses and lots of old nuggets to complete it like amazing pastrami on rye. The show flows like Tina Turner says, nice easy and then it gets a little rough and then I let ya down easy again. Enjoy and I’ll see ya next month!



1. Bobby Wright - Everyone Should Have His Day
2. The Defaulters - Gentle Man
3. Durand Jones & The Indications - Cruisin' Through The Park
4. Betty Lavette - Your Time To Cry
5. Earnest Bolden - I'm Talkin About Love
6. Brenton Wood - Catch You On The Rebound
7. Little Beaver - I Love The Way You Love
8. Ronn Forella - Crystals
9. Harold Wheeler - Black Cream
10. Brenda Lee Eager- When I'm With You
11. Filippo Trecca - Col Fiato In Gola
12. Freddie Scott_You Got What I Need
13. Keep The Music Alive - Yvonne Gray
14. Durand Jones and The Indications - Sea Gets Hotter
15. Santiago - Set It Free
16. Frazelle - Today Is The Day
17. Will Sessions & Amp Fiddler - Lost Without You
18. Yussef Kamaal - Lowrider
19. L.T.D. - Love To The World (Kons Lots Of Love Remix)
20. TinaTurner - Whole Lotta Lovin
21. Silver, Platinum & Gold - Coming Up From The Roots (Twice Edit)