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Liquid Love #41 with Gene ‘G-spot’ Siewing

19 October 2019
  • Funk/Soul
  • Disco
  • Funky
  • Soulful
  • Uplifting

Great to be back after the summer break Liquid Lovers! This one was influced a tad by my summer road trip I took down in Apuliga, Italy. My favorite place I have visited so far in Europe i.m.o. The best food, incredible beaches, happy people, just all around good vibes. That all being said. Y’all drive like a bunch of ass-hats down there! For the love of Christ stay in your freaking lane!! Drive me up a freaking wall. I still got love for ya though 😉 In any case, there’s some new music on there from Phillip Bailey, Lady Wray, Kon, and of couse that good ol’ old music that I love so dearly. Hope you enjoy!



1. Akira Ishikawa - Love
2. Tommy Guerrero - Silent Miles
3. Tommy Guerrero - Postcard Home
4. Mack Porter - Miles To Go
5. Darondo - Thank You God
6. Young Holt Unlimited - Luv-Bugg
7. Lady Wray - Come On In
8. The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn -My God Has A Telephone
9. Three Dog Night - Easy To Be Hard
10. Anthony Hamilton And The Hamiltones - Amen (Live On N.P.R.)
11. Cymande - The Recluse
12. Philip Bailey - We're A Winner
13. Donald Byrd - Blackbird
14. Leon Thomas - Love
15. One Way You're The One -(Dj-Vas-Edit)
16. The Bobbettes - Love Rhythm
17. Ströer - Cruisin' Music
18. Johnny Guitar Watson - Ain't That A Bitch
19. Alicia Myers - I Want To Thank You (Kons Shine Your Light Remix)