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Liquid Love #48 w/ Gene ‘G-Spot’ Siewing

15 September 2020
  • Folk
  • Classical
  • Funk/Soul
  • Dark
  • Dreamy
  • Soulful

You are starlight, you are fair,

the wild in the wind, and the sun kissed air, the mercurial tide and magical moon,

the fragrant petal and elegant bloom,

the gentle whisper evening brings

the song for the moon each tide sings

you are the dreaming tree who aches for sky, the gilded wings that gold the sky,

a spark to light a burning fuse,

the gift of inspiration, the artists muse




A colorful collage of thoughtful and creative music fortified in emotional content for music lovers of the highest degree. The listener is recommended to use headphones to be able to achieve the desired effect. Best appreciated alone while staring out the window watching the wind blow through the trees or on a cloudy night close to a full moon. All compositions range from the early 70’s up to the present time. Join me on this profound journey of sound as we alchemize fear into light.