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Listen To The Whales #23 with Matty Martinez

24 April 2018

I would say this episode is more uplifting than the ones before – not so many shades on these tracks, a lot of chillout beachy vibes, especially from the two tracks on Source Records and a great deal of Emotional Response material, including three tracks from their split ep series Schleißen (what a great one). A stunning preview of Günther Schickert’s new record, Labyrinth, coming out this June on the great Marmo Music (somebody say Acid Shampoo?) and a killer krauty number by Tross, very Harmonia-style. I had my little glass of rum and my generous dose of fun.


Ray and G.O.D. - Feel Real Good
Jon Keleihor - Serpent In The Sky
Zazz - Cateloupe Chill
Not Waving - Future Rain
Yakima Slow - Trail Cruisin’
Deep Space Network - Zenn La
LNRDCROY - Ad In The Paper (Mix 5)
Mikael Seifu - Soul Manifest
Brother Ah - Prayer
JD Emmanuel - Attaining Peace
Matthewdavid's Mindlight - Mind Movement
Günther Schickert - Morning (Slide)
Tross - Stars & Cones
Harmonious Thelonious - Abstact Painting 104-105_7#02
Andras Fox - Mystic Beach
Arawak - Accadde A Bali
D.K. - Distant Images

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