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Listen To The Whales #24 with Matty Martinez

17 July 2018

This time a more engaging episode – absolutely no fillers and a great deal of wonky vibes. Particularly intense: the B-Side of Spliff Tape Cassette, somewhere in the middle. Richard Horowitz featuring for the third time in a row, not on purpose – I’m in love with this guy without even realizing it. A couple of 90s throwback moments, as usual, the most prominent being of course Leftfield (bless them). Last but not least, two numbers from LA cassette series Listening Party, run by duo Bodyworkbodywork; excellent stuff.


BODYWORKBODYWORK - Like Love & Romance
Hellvete - Bessenfeest
Spirit & Form - Spirit & Form
Leftfield - Release The Pressure (Release Four)
Strië - Unseen Weight
Million Brazilians - Wet Dry Jungala VI
Westerbur & Rowe Side I
Dan Riley - Discover of Chan Isladore Moabee Point
Black Taffy - Geraldine
Little Axe - Ride On (Fight On) [7' Edit]
Antonio Zepeda - Viento De Espinas
Bear Bones, Lay Low - Prism Leaf Chasm
Richard Horowitz Baby Elephant Magic
Michel Magne - Plane Alpha II
CockTail d'Amore Music - Lizard Dance
Orson Wells - Orbiting Jupiters

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