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Listen To The Whales #25 with Matty Martinez

18 September 2018

This special episode is once again, and this time for all, the ultimate b-side show, featuring only outtakes from the past 6 months. It does feel very satisfying to tie it all together – look for a speeded up Peter Michael Hamel new age number as well as a potent infinity arp ride by Steve Moore. Plenty other gems scattered here and there, dive in to catch em all! Ah and of course, one of my favorite folk tunes of all time to open up the show.


Ted Lucas - Plain And Simple Melody
Deep Space Network - The Beyond Within
Matt Christensen - Turner, Eleazer & Christensen - Part 1
Abul Mogard - Dizziness That Shakes Rivers And Mountains
Don't DJ - Tropical Hi-Fi - Schleißen 3
Komodo Kolektif - Night Of The Leyak
Steve Moore - Cepheid
peter michael hamel - dorian dervishes
BANANA - Banana A
delia derbyshire - Running
david behrman - leapday night - scene 3
reininger & rouse - colorado suite #1
polmo polpo - Dreaming (,,,Again)
Achim Reichel & Machines - Aqua: every raindrop longs for the sea
Ro 70 - Kunstlicher Ausklang
future sound of london - Papua New Guinea
steve hausschild - Stare into Space

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