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Listen To The Whales : The Stranded Diaries w/ Matty Martinez

8 April 2020

A special comeback episode for the strange times we are living in.

Among different deep and calm tunes that i have been listening in the past weeks, i read out two short contributions by Marcello Tarí and Giorgio Agamben, you can find them here:

Hope you enjoyed, i had a great time coming back to this show!




kinetic (david morley remix) Golden Girls
Mindwar Dub M-Age
Every Moment Is A Birth Happy Meals Full Ashram Devotional Ceremony
mama (justin london mix) Neuro
Noise-Pollination Ulrich Krieger
Terminal Dreamer Joel Stern
Reading A Wave Arp ZEBRA
Evolution Of The Beast (Autechre Mix) Palm Skin Productions
Jungle Is A Shapeshifter Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement
Terzo Quadro Da ''Dialoghi Dal Presente'' Luciano Cilio
noodle #1 MLO
In Praise of Blandness (Chapter IX) crys cole
Dtnd-Jn Jochem Paap
Refuges From Black Magic Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement
cloudwalker Biosphere
Golden Castle (GK Machine's Golden Fortress Reinforcement) Jon Keliehor
Tum Keiichi Sugimoto
Ten-Day Interval (To Day Retreival) Tortoise Autechre
Pattern Haze Gregg Kowalsky
Blind Venus M-Age

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