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Listen To The Whales #10 with Matty Martinez

28 February 2017

In this episode, some 90s gems, the usual amount of smooth exotica & a forgotten treasure from the early 70s.


1 Blue Mountain by The Necks
2 Sevilla Una Maravilla by Windup
3 Wakeling by Theo Angell
4 Later by Woob
5 Map Table by Mountains
6 In Search Of Plants by Lay Llamas
7 Hi Breath by Dang Olsen Dream Tape
8 Dive by The Swan And The Lake
9 WR by Labradford
10 Is It Real What U Feel by Jaime Read
11 Valley Of Paradise (Time & Space Machine Remix) by Psychemagik
12 Solitude by The Flames
13 Paris, Texas by Ry Cooder
14 Crusoe by Art Of Noise
15 Zoetrope by Boards Of Canada
16 L'Ultima Notte by Moana Pozzi
17 Vitre by Stephane Laporte
18 On The Road by Jose Padilla
19 Valley Flutes by Paul R. Marcano

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