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Listen To The Whales #13 with Matty Martinez

23 May 2017

Recorded on a summery day just before tripping off in Morocco. Some of these north african have found their way into the episode , otherwise some world classics from the likes of Jon Hassell & Brian Eno, one amazing track by Charles Cohen, totally understated musical genious out on the always challenging and amazing Morphine Records. What else? Oh yeah, Terry Riley makes a couple of appearences in the mix and there are a couple of lovely new agey bits from the land of the rising sun & the kraut infused germany of the 70s. And much more, most of which I don’t remember now.


Kitaro - Morning Prayer (Asa No Inori)
Lucid Picnic - Maya Lyla
Cheewei - Evening Has Arrived
Brian Jones Presents The Pan Pipes At Jajauka - Your Eyes Are Like a Cup of Tea (Al Yunic Sharbouni Ate)
Brian Eno & Jon Hassell - Charm Over Burundi Cloud
Deuter - Life Is Love
Ken Camden - Etae Carinae
Bill Vermette - The Old Dream
Terry Riley & John Cale - The Church of Anthrax
Jaja - Gobata
Charles Cohen - Sunrise Women - Men
Silentwave - Love Of The Stone
Terry Riley - A Rainbow In Curved Air

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