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Listen To The Whales #14 with Dr. Colin Black and Matty Martinez

20 June 2017

Experimental musician, composer and radio artist Colin Black dropped by to the station for the second year in a row to talk about soundscapes and presence with Matty Martinez, to do a little jam session together and to present his slightly political piece “Cutting off the 1%”. Inbetween, expect some of the usual dreamy ambient textures, with a great opening by David Behrman and a cameo by Erik Satie just after the second performance. Enjoy.


david behrman - figure in a clearing
brian jonestown massacre - felt tipped pictures of UFOs
matty martinez and colin black - four on the floor mistery jam
oneohtrix point never - sand partina
deerhunter - providence
plankton wat - evening sky
bowery electric - beat
faust'o - clouds over thin paper
harold budd - the real dream of sails
colin black - cutting off the 1%
erik satie - gymnopiedie nr.1
mountains - hundred acre

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