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Live From Viper Mountain #2 w/ Nadah El Shazly

19 February 2021

In this episode, show host Nadah El Shazly takes a look at how Egyptian recording companies and labels influenced music production back in the 1920s.

If you are curious to read more, you can find quite useful info here:

AMAR Foundation

Record Industry and Egyptian Traditional Music: 1904-1932 by Ali Jihad Racy


Hulubalang x Elvin Brandhi - Cekik
Sami Shawa - Taqaseem Bayat
Abdo El Hamouli - Dawr Lesan El Damea
Fatheya Ahmed - Mawal Ya Name El Leil
Abdel Latif El Banna - Taqtuqa Maskeen Ya Albi
Sayed El Saft - Mawal El Leil Ahoh Tal
Om Kolthum - Mawal El Leil Ahoh Tal
Mohamed Abdo Saleh - Taqaseem Qanun Nahawand
Monira Al Mahdeya - Eshmena Ya Nokh
Monira Al Mahdeya - Ta’alili Ya Batta
Sote - Boghze Esfahan

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