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Low Power FM #20 w/ Johanna Knutsson **extra meditative episode

29 January 2019

Finding it emotionally and spiritually tough to get through January? Laying awake at night wondering why the new year isn’t doing it for you just yet? Feeling down and not exactly where you would want to be? Boy, are we on the same page. But there is healing to be found through music and sounds, let me guide you to a soothing calm place in your mind. Let’s do this together. 


Synthchatter-Johanna Knutsson

Khmer Lullaby

Carrer de Rullan-Johanna Knutsson

I have the notion that my couch is a gate to another dimension-Elconestharo

Free Music no 1 (for four theremins)- Percy Grainger

Hemmagjort Whoosh- Johanna Knutsson

Purring Interlude-Daphne Oram

Andetag-Johanna Knutsson

Inside your body-Johanna Knutsson



Terra Psalm-Jon Salem

Baka Women play the Water Drums (liquidi)

Tropik Birdz-Johanna Knutsson

Mouman-Romain Lannone

Lilla Regn-Johanna Knutsson


Plants and music-Johanna Knutsson

Music of the Spheres-Johanna M.Beyer

Riding Thermals-Schist

Pots,Soap-Hans Berg

What is true for you-Johanna Knutsson


Dosan-Johanna Knutsson

Breath-Johanna Knutsson

Berghain Birdie-Johanna Knutsson

R U there-Johanna Knutsson

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