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Macy Conference #15 Mili Dub and the News with STRFLD Simulation

07 July 2018
  • Dub
  • Experimental
  • Electronic
  • Celebratory
  • Atmospheric

Following up on Macy’s Dub Track as it was outlined here and there, this Episode brings some of Linval Thompsons 80’s heavy weight militaristic Dub alongside Scientist’s futuristic Space Invaders.

Second half features the physical, acoustic-like yet purely synthetic sounds of Gutter Synthesis (Tom Mudd), Mark Fell’s computer generated rhythms for microtonal metallophones, some new cryptic patterns out of David Burraston’s noyzelab (NYZ), a few defining tracks of 2018s Drum’n’Bass by Martsman and Sully as well as Ideal- and timestreched-ACID sounds by Evol and STRFLD’s Lukas Grundmann remixed by Jasmine Guffond.