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Macy Conference #20 Dungeon Synth with Lukas Grundmann

16 February 2019
  • Metal
  • Experimental
  • Ambient
  • Oddities
  • Ethereal
  • Atmospheric
  • Dark
  • Melancholy
  • Mystical

An episode dedicated to Dungeon Synth, mixing dreamy ambient sounds with black metal aesthetics in an 8-bit video game setting, the genre doesn’t stop to fascinate.



Nicola Ratti - W9
King Midas Sound - X
Newcomer - Womb of Choice
Cosey Fanno Tutti - Grittle
Madteo - Vox Your Nu Yr Resolution
NYZ - PTSone-r60subtree119c31ta

Dungeon Synth:
Balin`s Tomb - Alatum Gund (feat Thil-Galad)
Soy Fan Del Dark - untitled (SFDD)
Ranseur - Svirfneblin
Illusionment - Limbus Patrum 11
Nasgûl - Intro (Ash nazg durbatulûk…)
Hedge Wizard - More true than time thought
Soy Fan Del Dark - untitled (SFDD non-album tracks)
Illusionment - On a Bridge of Moonbeams
Hrungnir - Sword And Throne (The Ballad Of Freyr)
Undead Magic User - Donning The Black Robes
Ice Golem - The Hooded Figure Delivers a Foreboding Message
Wormsblood - Low Fantasy
Nasgûl - Orkmarsch
Erdig - Und ich bin allein entronnen, daß ich dir's ansagte (Hiob)
Erdig - Sie werden der Könige spotten und der Fürsten
Ranseur - Thorn and Briar Dance