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Macy Conference #25 Consoles with STRFLD Simulation

6 July 2019

On this episode we showcase a clash of the Video Game Titans: We play our favourite Soundtracks from the Sega Megadrive vs. some of the nicest from Super Nintendo. One of them is the more edgier and bouncier one, while the other offers the more „high quality“ productions (for early 90s that is).

We travel to Volcanic Reefs with Ecco the Dolphin, groove to Games like Cyborg Justice and of course we join Donkey Kong on his Quests.

Special shout out to all the SNES and Sega Aficionados that upload hours and hours of original soundtracks to the web – obviously straight from the Game Consoles for authentic wave table or FM Chip experience. We had so much to dig through, thank you!

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