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Macy Conference #4 Drones with STRFLD Simulation

24 March 2017

Guided by voices drowned in effects and Club Mate ambient sounds, rhythm is mostly avoided in this 2-hour Drone Special, in favour of long sustained tones to let you drown into sound.


Charlemagne Palastine - Open-Closing
Else Marie Pade + Jacob Kirkegaard - Nimbostratus
Thomas Köner - Permafrost
Phil Niblock - Unmentionable Piece for Trombone and Sousaphone
Pan Sonic, Charlemagne Palastine - Untitled
Hecker - I T ISO161975 +1
Pita - Fvo
Lawrence English - January 30 - Grey Lunar Sea
William Basinski - Cobalt Pools
Raime - Passed over Trail
Peder Mannerfelt - Nihilst 87
Lee Gamble - Digbeth
Laurel Halo - Wow
Pauline Oliverso - Fragments
Éliane Radigue - Koume
Mika Vainio - Unien Holvit
Carl Stone - Lim
Thomas Kircher & Lukas Grundmann - Wider
Klaus Schulze, Peter Namlook - Set the Control to the Hear of the Mother, Pt. 2
Matdeo - Science Friction
WSR - The Drowners
Raime - Your Cast Will Tire
Charles Cohen - Formation of Matter
STRFLD Simulation - Unnamed Drone
Jasmine Guffond - RR Variation

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