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Marginals Lead the Show #1 with Merve, Ilgaz and 6zm

13 November 2020
  • Arts & Culture
  • Cut Up/DJ
  • Electronic
  • Folk
  • Interview
  • Informative

Marginals Lead the Show #1: In this episode we speak about the earthquake in İzmir, Turkey, the near-total ban on Abortion in Poland, and the difficulties the Turkish Music and Nightlife is going through since the outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemie. Gizem Oruç (they/them/theirs) is a musician, producer, audio-visual artist and technician based in Berlin. Besides producing and performing electronic dance music under the alias 6zm, they are involved in trans-feminist collectives, including the turkish pop / r’n’b / arabesque band Gazino Neukölln and the queer-DIY project space Raumerweiterungshalle. Gizem gives POC oriented sound and music production related workshops, speeches; coordinates/curates events; collaborates as composer and sound designer; and works as technician and technical project developer at Eidotech. Towards the end of our conversation, you will be hearing the special set Gizem produced for this show. For more of Gizem’s music, you can check 6zm and Gazino Neukölln on Soundcloud.

Btw if you are interested in supporting queer night life workers in Istanbul, you can donate here and get the t-shirt in the image 🙂

Marginals Lead the Show #1


Ο Καϊξής-Χατζηχρήστος Α. Χατζηχρήστος Ε. Βαμβακάρης Μ.
Halina Frąckowiak - Idę dalej
Palmiyeler - Derine
Mx. Sür & Q-bra - ALAN2020
Ceytengri - Buz Gibiyim
Live Performance by 6zm