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Masha Tupitsyn — Love Sounds

11 June 2017

On June 11, Cashmere Radio has the great pleasure of bringing a unique radiophonic event to the airwaves. From 17:00 (CET)/11:00 (EST), New York-based writer, critic, and multi-media artist Masha Tupitsyn’s Love Sounds will be presented as a 24-hour uninterrupted broadcast on radio, alongside Cashmere’s partners and 88,4 Berlin fm.

Love Sounds brings together over 1500 love scenes from 80 years of English-speaking cinema history in what amounts to an audio history of love in cinema, or, in McKenzie Wark’s words serves as a ‘database…for hearing what the whole mythic structure of the cinema era was.’ Tupitsyn has centred these cinematic fragments together around 8 thematic sections including “Desire-Sex”, “Violence-Death” and “Fate-Time-Memory”. The work challenges the privilege of the visual iconography of love’s performance, and through a process of ‘acousmatic listening’ wants listeners to consider love as an aural phenomenon.

Screened at locations as varied as Berlin’s The Long Now, MoMA and Kunsthalle Darmstadt, this is the first time the work will be aired in its entirety on radio. We believe radio’s specificity—a medium which ceaselessly wrenches the aural from the visual in the constantly-live present—is the perfect form to test the work’s engagement with the audiovisual contract of sound and image.

You can find out more about the Love Sounds project, including accompanying texts here.

Masha Tupitsyn is a writer, critic, and multimedia artist. She is the author of several books like ‘Love Dog’, ‘Like Someone in Love: An Addendum’, ‘LACONIA: 1,200 TWEETS ON FILM’, ‘Beauty Talk & Monsters’, and co-editor of the anthology, ‘Life As We Show It: Writing on Film’. Her fiction and criticism has been published widely in journals and anthologies. In 2015, she completed the film LOVE SOUNDS, a 24-hour audio-essay and history of love in English-speaking cinema. Her new durational film, DECADES, a study of time using film sound, noise, and score, is forthcoming in 2017. She teaches film, literature, and gender studies at The New School and Pratt in New York City.

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