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Memorias #11 with bodyverse & nagababa

02 November 2017
  • Ambient
  • Modern Classical
  • Noise
  • Ethereal
  • Meditative

bodyverse joins nagababa to present a set mixing her latest works, with some unreleased gems!

bodyverse is the solo music project from berlin-based artist andy b. whatever you want in the dry way is her first album, inspired by the natural process of sounds and electricity. it is a contrast between analog & modular modelling sounds, voice and classic acoustic instruments; the 20 tracks’ titles of this album compose a narration about technology. andy b is also one half of the duo ondarituale with the artist andrea porcu. “apollo” is their first album, deeply inspired from alchemy and ancient greek myths. alchemic is the spiritual path activated by the artistic process and experience.

andy b is the founder of the independent label sunrise ruby records, aiming to support independent music projects, outstanding DIY compositions, and welcoming visual arts as part of the music proposals. The name is inspired from mevlana jalal’uddin rumi’s poem the sunrise ruby:

In the early morning hour,

just before dawn, lover and beloved awake

and take a drink of water.

She asks, Do you love me or yourself more?

Really, tell me the absolute truth.

He says, There is nothing left of me.

I am like a ruby held up to the sunrise.

Is it still a stone, or a world

made of redness? It has no resistance

to sunlight. The ruby and the sunrise are one.

Be courageous and discipline yourself.

Work. Keep digging your well.

Don’t think about getting off from work.

Submit to a daily practice.

Your loyalty to that is a ring on the door.

Keep knocking, and the joy inside

will eventually open a window

and look out to see who’s there.

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bodyverse feat. andrea porcu - stairway to spirituality, wisdom and beauty [ROHS!]

cut hands - belladonna theme [blackest ever black]

sade - i never thought i’d see the day

t.c.o. - flexo @ 33rpm


Sfera [ROHS!]

G-love [ROHS!]

Loosing it again [ROHS!]

unreleased track [sunrise ruby records]

unreleased track [sunrise ruby records]

Wind in Between [ROHS!]

Air & Ice [ROHS!]

Falling into the jungle together [ROHS!]

Apollo [ROHS!]

Minor Landing [ROHS!]

Ra Dia [ROHS!]

Secret, Sacred [ROHS!]

Interconnection [ROHS!]

Hope [ROHS!]

Wo Nkner Dlich [ROHS!]

Unreleased track [sunrise ruby records]

Saturn’ s Night [ROHS!]

Centre [ROHS!]

unreleased track [sunrise ruby records]

walk [ROHS!]

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 19.31.53.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-07 at 19.32.16.png