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Memorias #22 w dj transition & nagababa

01 November 2018
  • Disco
  • Electronic
  • Wave
  • Ethereal
  • Exotic
  • Funky
  • Hypnotic

Born in France and based in Berlin, she is the best photographer in town, and this is not just my opinion. She also makes amazing pieces of clothing as well as various other beautiful artistic crafts. But the reason for her being our guest for this edition of memorias is her unique taste in music. Allow me to introduce you to dj transition a.k.a. mailie viney, for one hour of mesmerising tunes.

In order to discover her work, visit www.mailieviney.com

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amadeo - memories

pauline anna strom - virgin ice [RVNGIntl]

zmatsusi - slip side [macadam mambo]

dj transition:

eddie hooper - tomorrow's sun

gang - incantation

chris - san francisco night (instrumental)

trio ternura - a gira

michael baker - don't you want my lovin'

afia mala - koma

ervin may - what is it

y. gershovsky - disco baby

raymond lefevre - j'attendrai

peppermint lounge - prefect high

saâda bonaire - you could be more as you are

zanman'n - joby

andi hanley - ba nou

sound control - think

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