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Memorias #23 w/ ohne ziel

29 November 2018

since nagababa is away this thursday, ohne ziel is taking over this month’s edition with a selection of his most recent finds, as well as other music he is known to dig out from the deepest depths of our collective memory. ohne ziel runs the label and you can follow him on


Zamilska - Warning
Sully - Helios (Philip D Kick Remix)
Tara in Tibet - Freak Dance
Zamilska - F***Fray
Drew McDowall - Unnatural Channel (Part 2)
Caterina Barbieri - This Causes Consciousness to Fracture
Dirty Beaches - Displaced
XNO - The Story of the Death Boy
Goodiny & PCP - Black Sunraiz
Hybryds - Pain
Credit 00 - Odyssey
BBU - Estonia
Ghost of Myself - Thirst Casualty عطش
Spies Boys - Nasa-Arab
Paradox - Marxism
Aphex Twin - [Shiny Metal Rods]
Belia Winnewisser - Trapped In My Mind
Alex Zhang Hungtai - Matrimony
Belia Winnewisser - Ataraxie
Bear Bones, Lay Low - Dissolve Into The Night
Ebi - Chuu
Exploded View - Obey

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