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Memorias #26 “ostinato” w/ nagababa

21 March 2019
  • Balearic
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Oddities
  • Cinematic
  • Melancholy

On this edition of Memorias, we will cover the musical technique guilty of causing those annoying earworms, but also the main reason why we are able to keep our favourite melodies easily in our memory: ostinato: a melodic (or rhythmic) pattern that repeats in the same musical voice.

cover picture credit: www.mailiviney.com



amadeo - memories
armando manzanero - adoro
normal brain - m-u-s-i-c
ryo kawasaki - hawaiian caravan
landscape - computer person
mecano - hawaii bombay
1986 omega tribe - counterlight
lavabos iturriaga - china
oviformia sci - mi teletipo (featuring clic)
clint mansell - lux aeterna (requiem for a dream)
rob dougan - clubbed to death (kurayamino variation)
sheila chandra - quiet 6
art of noise - camilla, the old old story
iravu pookkal - pala rathiri
led zeppelin - rain song
stanley turrentine - i haven't got anything better to do
camel - song within a song
hudson, delange - moonglow/picnic theme
presser gábor - z. op. 1
i-f - space invaders are smoking grass