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Memorias #29 “all filler no killer pt.1” w/ nagababa

13 June 2019
  • Electronic
  • Pop
  • Oddities
  • Disco
  • Quirky
  • Strange

For this instalment, Naga presents all the best interludes, hidden tracks, and fillers dug out of his record collection. Expect a selection of less-than-3-minute-long mostly instrumental tracks and other oddities that might otherwise never see the light. Part 2 coming up next month!

memorias #29 cover.jpg


amadeo - memories
suso sáiz - anti-stress for babies and families
bartosz kruczyński - voices
xavier jouvelet - oeuf en clock
crime stopper - drug addiction (legowelt’s acid hall version)
raspberry bulbs - VII
cut hands - i know what i must do
liaisons dangereuses - liaisons dangereuses
ciccone youth - moby dick
sheila chandra - quiet 9
mr. yt - souvenir
efectos especiales vol. 2 - musica romántica
ymo - happy end
logic system - equivalent
hänsche weiss quintet - Schot mange gorje (trad., bearbeiten, weiss)
modern art - harmony in red
bo hanson - allegro for a rescue
locomía - finale
art of noise - opus 4
presser gabor - la balleta no.2
landscape - alpino tragedy
siflēt - rodger
alojs bouda - nalepo
sizike - hula hop disco
daniel grau - dejando volar el pensamiento
yannick chevalier - jingle 1, jingle 2, jingle 3
ilaiyaraaja - love theme on computer (from the movie punnagai mannan)
carnazza edit - ti voglio
Attarazat Addahabia & Faradjallah - aflana
extract of field recording - buddhist chants at da nang temple