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Memorias #30 “all filler no killer pt.2” w/ naga

11 July 2019
  • Ambient
  • Electronic
  • Field Recording
  • Cinematic
  • Informative
  • Quirky

Naga closes the cashmere season picking up where he left off last month: presenting all the best interludes, hidden tracks, and fillers he could find in his record collection. Expect a selection of less-than-3-minute-long mostly instrumental tracks and other oddities that might otherwise never see the light. See you in September!

memorias #30 cover.jpg


amadeo - memorias

ghia - what's your voodoo

sahel sounds - bambara affirmations, relaxation cassette

positron - whatever

bremen - sweepers

dalhous - masquerading as love

scret boyfriend - dream scrape

barnett & coloccia - ash grove

bitstream - test tube

luke slater - out the pocket

tomorrow the rain will fall upwards - i beat as i sleep as i dream

joel fajerman - rose de sables

bremen - first leap

laurent garnier - la minute du repondeour

antigravity - riga central

vangelis - 100 meters

dead can dance - decicacé outō

vangelis - damask rose

flying lotus - bonus beat

tapes - somebody’s baby

the game is over OST - générique début

steve miller band - electrolux imbroglio

martinho da vila - antonio, joao e pedro

steve hackett - hands of the priestes part 2

jeru the damaja - intro to scientifical madness

professor griff & the last asiatic disciples - it’s a blax thanx

yes - yesterday and today

dj sotofett - 09-69 intro

supertramp - potter

juventud juché - siempre

schubert - rhythm of life

daft punk - funk ad

whitney houston - i’m every woman (a capella mix)

dj sprinkles - fuck the down low

disco edit (unknown)

sahel sounds - musical street prophet

nas - the genesis