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Memorias #32 “six ate” w/ naga

03 October 2019
  • Progressive Rock
  • Folk
  • Field Recording
  • Afrobeats
  • Bombastic
  • Quirky
  • Flowing

For this installment of your favorite nostalgic radio show, we’ll be listening to music with 3/4, 6/8, and other time signatures with beats which are perceived in groups of three. Not the most popular time signature but definitely one with a sweet flow! To introduce the show, some field recordings from my last trip to Fuengirola will be played, as well as a couple of gems from my favorite flea market.

photo credit: www.mailieviney.com

memorias #32 cover.png


luna - recuerdos
field recording - kalifato beach, Benalmádena
field recording - rastro de Fuengirola
field recording - toy clown
los chinanayros - de la cueva san marcos
nova - terra
david byrne - the red house
toes up, toes down: sensory motor skills for body identification, spatial awareness and listening - moving fast
ryo kawasaki - you are the sunlight
camel - six ate
alessandro alessandroni & teimar - romantico junior
deux baleines blanches - draht 8
alésia cosmos - first funk
les filles de illiighadad - inigradan
mamman sani - zaybanakoy
joan bibiloni - una vida llarga y tranquila II
tião neto - carrousel
dead can dance - song of the stars
hama - wassa
andreas vollenweider - la paix verde