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Memorias #35 w/ Marlon & naga

20 February 2020
  • Drum n Bass
  • Grime
  • Electronic
  • Bombastic
  • Euphoric
  • Intense

This edition of memorias invites Marlon to play music for us: a multi-faceted artist covering the fields of electronic and electro-acoustic music, immersive and interactive media installation as well as theater, just to name a few! She is the founder and managing director at The Workshop on Forster in Kreuzberg, a community-focused space offering a wide spectrum of interdisciplinary learning activities as well as an exhibition space and gallery. As always, naga will warm up the radiowaves beforehand.

photo credit: www.mailieviney.com

memorias #35 cover.JPG



luna - recuerdos

ahmed ben ali - subhana - سبحان

I.A.O - absublim XX

betina quest - stormy silence

george feyer y su ritmo - solamente una vez

Jeanette - porque te vas


Azymüth - Duro de Roer

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Parata (played at 45 rpm)

The Grief - Ewitt

Fly Pan Am - Alienage Syntropy

DJ Trax - 20,000 Beats Under The Sea

Aquasky - Desirez

Exael - XxBroodDemurexX (Siren)

Hoover 1- Hoover 2B-1

Deepchild - Shameless in Seattle

Special Request - Front Screen Projection

Circadian Rhythm - Reef (Naked Remix)

God69 - High Up The Rung

Raylo, Lil’ Black and To Do - Bend over and show the world

DBX - Secret Technique

Myagi - Bring me all your beer and women

Transformer 2 + Adamski - Sleeping with an Angel (Euro Mix)

Terrence Parker, Claude Young Jr. - The 4 Play Ep. B1

Cherie Lee - Love me or Leave me (Club Dub)

Northbound feat. Moné - A better way (Harder Dub)


The Rogue Element - Rogue One feat Lyrikool Lips

Taraxacum - Leif

Xhrincibles (feat. LOFT) - Air Max ’97


Sevillanas - Festeras

Flora è M.P.M - Definitivamente