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Memorias #36 “from Morocco with love” w/ naga

16 April 2020
  • Field Recording
  • Electronic
  • Pop
  • Summery
  • Laid-Back

We perceive the world and, especially music, according to our expectations, which are in turn shaped by memory: an organic data bank through which and according to which all our experiences are rendered and compared. In Memorias, naga DJ opens up the memory chest through an eclectic articulation of different musical forms. Ausländer soul, psych/prog rock, tropical rhythms, drone/ambient will trigger those mnemonic impulses.

Loud and messy streets, confusing conversations, lots of drumming, an ethereal Bobby McFerrin, the atlantic ocean, goats, and more, with a last minute rescue flight to France as the cherry on top. For this instalment of memorias, let me take you on an aural journey to Morocco.

memorias #36 cover.JPG


bill withers - memories are that way
keith fullerton whitman - king crimson "i talk to the wind" re-work
field recordings recorded in marrakesh, high atlas mountains, merzouga dessert, essaouira, and tafedna, featuring a song by ganga fusion - moussawi
yupin kanfung - sao isan lam khaen [zudrangma records]
bollywood filmsong - chale da chale da
martin dupont - other souvenirs
michael garrison - under the orangish sky
kabasa - love to ralph
fred. a - november [stroom]
d-sire - wintertime
burt bacharach - do you know the way to san jose
piper - hot sand
neil larsen - tropic lightning
phudys - flieg mit mir
christopher cross - all right
interview - salut les salauds