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Memorias #37 w/ naga

14 May 2020
  • Library Music
  • Middle East & North African
  • Spoken Word
  • Meditative
  • Melancholy
  • Provocative

We perceive the world and, especially music, according to our expectations, which are in turn shaped by memory: an organic data bank through which and according to which all our experiences are rendered and compared. In Memorias, naga opens up the memory chest through an eclectic articulation of different musical forms. Ausländer soul, psych/prog rock, library music and other deep cuts and edits will make you remember memories you thought were lost.

cover picture credit: www.mailieviney.com

memorias #37 cover.jpg


bill withers - memories are that way

andrew jackman - planes, boats, and trains

r. hmad bizmaoun - haïy ftikh

tidiane thiam - dannibe

logic system - venus

bells of kyoto - swiss air

rudolf heimann - silent clouds

risqué - starlight

naga - shadowmachine

cha cha guitry - dodo a cannes

passport - reng ding dang dong

rocket men - rocket man

peter morris - sunburst

les hurdle & frank ricotti - dank

jaga jazzist - day

beeing - aire fresco

pejzaż - blues

betina quest - incapability

walter gavitt ferguson - cabin in the wata

abubakar sani and fati niger - tofi

steve piccolo - stray man

joe dassin - le jardin du luxembourg