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Memorias #39 w/ naga

09 July 2020
  • Experimental
  • EBM
  • Metal
  • Melancholy

For this instalment of memorias, naga goes solo into different melancholic moods and showcasing among other things the second episode of “La chica del 4 izquierda” by Alberto Areal and a 15 minute doom metal epic dedicated to his dear metalhead brother Gabriel for his birthday . Enjoy the memories!

memorias#39 cover.png


bill withers - memories are that way

Segundo capítulo de "La chica del 4 izquierda" por Alberto Areal.

comus - the herald (part 1)

w. david oliphant - arishtha

angus, nono, and david - atlantis (live mix)

munzard - patch of the month july2019

fools - aeg old

comus - the herald (part 2)

sabrina malheiros - sintonia

roger powell - lunar plexus

steel mind - boss man

docteur satan - the operator

my silent wake - hunting season

comus - the herald (part 3)