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Memorias #40 w/ naga

06 August 2020
  • Synth Pop
  • Latin
  • Experimental
  • Chaotic

We perceive the world and, especially music, according to our expectations, which are in turn shaped by memory: an organic data bank through which and according to which all our experiences are rendered and compared. In Memorias, naga DJ opens up the memory chest through an eclectic articulation of different musical forms. Ausländer soul, psych/prog rock, tropical rhythms, drone/ambient will trigger those mnemonic impulses.

This instalment was pre-recorded from Mijas, Málaga under the shadow of a 50+ year-old Dracanea Draco tree planted by my grandmother. The selection is made up mostly of tracks purchased in Bandcamp in the year 2018 and which were never played on this show.



bill withers - memories are that way

aviador dro - anarquía en el planeta

a.k. klosowski - long toe

esplendor geométrico - moscú esta helado

oviformia sci - touche 81

Luka Productions, Youssouf Drame, Djibril Diallo, Ousmane Wattara, Karissa Diabate, Oumou Diabate, Daouda Dao, Soya Diaby, Sallymata Sakileba - digital sampler, rhythm variation

Gökçen Kaynatan - Cennet Dünyamız

r.h. jackson - o gato de schrödinger

queco - tengo

hany mehana - badaouia

delya yildirim & grup simsek - oy oy emine

orlando - fortress of pillows

alesia cosmos - h-co

neinzer - hebdamu

thomas leer - tight as a drum

ahmedou ahmed lowla - niamey

normal brain - KE-300

Sven Kacirek - Yonaguni No Mayagwa feat. Mina Mermoud

jürgen müller - the licorice farmer

trance - ikarus

mamman sani - five hundred miles