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Memorias #43 “my first party” w/ naga

29 October 2020
  • Spoken Word
  • Balearic
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  • Melancholy

The first part of this edition of memorias is dedicated to recorded accounts of first-ever party experiences: from teddy bear picnics to deals with god; from make-out corners to broken bones. After that, a live selection of records inspired by the late Jose Padilla, resident of the legendary Café del Mar in Ibiza. To top it all off, some of the latest gems found on bandcamp and elsewhere.

memorias #43 cover.png


the shaggs - painful memories

"first party memories" with the following background music:

otis blackwell - great balls of fire

jason becker - higher

tommy mandel - eta (pastel)

britney spears - baby one more time

kate bush - the army dreamers

milton nascimento - ponte de areia

france gall - poupée de cire, poupée de son

the tamperer - ft. maya - feel it

lorna - papi chulo... te traigo el mmmm

miguel a.ruiz - batan midnight

alien vegan sect - cryptolecte

gerhard heinz - rock me dracula

andreas vollenweider - belladonna

sade - love is stronger than pride

transilvanian galaxy - god dr55

mtume (pronounced "em-too-may") - juicy fruit (vocal)

the aquanauts - be bop

fresh moods - s.t.o.s.

s.r. smoothy - inside of you (hajime yoshizawa mix)

joan bibiloni - val, i vuw ya

the monks - I can do anything you like

Beeing - La costa de la luz

ivan mamo conti - ilha da luz