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Memorias #44 “six ate pt. 2” w/ naga

26 November 2020

For this installment of your favorite nostalgic radio show, we’ll be listening to music with 3/4, 6/8, and other time signatures with a triple meter (3 beats per bar). Not the most popular time signature but definitely one with a sweet flow! After that, some of my latest finds, and to top it all off some French sorcery for this christmas. This is the second part of my “six ate” special. You can listen to the first part here:


the shaggs - painful memories -
fiedl recording of old train
XI - dub session
field recording of sheep
Craig Kupka - Electric Piano, Vibraphone And Percussion -
field recording fo woodpecker bird
sheila chandra - quiet 7
miguel a. ruiz - climatery -
mamman sani - arman doley -
hama - torodi -
yeli fuzzo - abandé -
camel - you make me smile
toes up, toes down - angels in the snow
22 Exomène - Fairies over the cradle -
camel - rhayader alone
kōji kondō - lon lon ranch performed by Slovak National Symphony Orchestra -
Pauline Anna Strom - marking time -
valerie dore - get closer
evelyn king - love come down
babla & kanchan - aay mere dil
mylene farmer - desenchantee

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