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Memorias #52 “six ate pt.3” w/ naga

05 August 2021
  • Folk
  • Spoken Word
  • Electronic
  • Dreamy
  • Sincere

For the 52nd installment of your favorite nostalgic radio show, we’ll be listening to music with 3/4, 6/8, and other time signatures with a triple meter (3 beats per bar). Not the most popular time signature but definitely one with a sweet flow! After that, a reflexion on the current state of humanity accompanied by some music and memories from the summer of ’21. This is the third part of my “six ate” special. You can listen to the first and second part here: https://backstage.cashmereradio.com/episode/memorias-32-six-ate-w-naga/ & https://backstage.cashmereradio.com/episode/memorias-44-six-ate-pt-2-w-naga/

memorias #52 cover.png


the shaggs - painful memories
grand guignol - seveso
clasicos del cine de terror - rosemary’s baby - lullaby
Essel Amer - Du nerf
porest - levantine spirit
Código Jondo - Tránsito
superabundance - slip
vivi - mi bord a toé
francis bebey - pigmy love song
bracha - sareno oro
Maria Rita - lamento africano / rictus
sven wunder - en plein air
excerpt from hörspiel based on the TV series kung fu
Chinna Veedu - Chittu Kuruvi
Anselmo y Su Conjunto - Seis Pajueliao
masahiko sato - the witch hunt
moin - i can’t help but melt
derya yildirim - hop çerkez
James Newton Howard - Theme From ER
donovan - catch the wind
orchestre tuout puissant marcel duchamp - so many things (to feel guilty about)
field recording
jodi - you gotta help them
field recording at unnamed party