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Memorias #55 “the cinematic special”

28 October 2021
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This edition of memorias is a cinematic special playing selected film scores, music inspired by, and which inspire films, and some special movie scenes that you may or may not recognise.

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june11 - memories
halim el-dabh - polyphonic dialogues with willy sahel and company
movie scene from "abre los ojos"
ann blyth and vic damone - stranger in paradise
vangelis - blush response (from "blade runner")
john carpenter & allan howarth - main title (from "escape from new york 1997")
Ilaiyaraaja - disco king (from tamil movie “the breeze that sings” 1986)
giorgio moroder - machines (re-interpretation of soundtrack for the 1984 re-release of "metropolis" by fritz lang)
movie scene from "monthy python and the holy grail"
Grandmaster Melle Mel - vice (from "miami vice")
jaga jazzist - oban
the surfmen - fire goddess
ennio morricone - regan’s theme (from "exorcist 2: the heretic")
movie scene from "labyrinth"
burt bacharach - pacific coast highway
jean-pierre bourtayre and jean bouchéty - un certain regard (from "the game is over… " )
movie scene from "spun"
david axelrod - the poison tree
los angeles negros - a tu recuerdo
angelo badalamenti - the bookhouse boys (from "twin peaks")
movie scenes from truman show
vangelis - main theme (from "chariots of fire")
harry belafonte - jump in the line (from "beetlejuice")
aphrodite's child - end of the world
schaltkreis wassermann - space symphony
camino al desván - la contorsión de pollo
dead can dance - song of the dispossesed