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Memorias #57 w/ Garçon Gaston & naga

20 January 2022
  • Industrial
  • Experimental
  • Electronic
  • Atmospheric
  • Dreamy
  • Strange

New year, new intentions. Welcome to the first instalment of 2022!

This year memorias wants to open up to the musical scene in the city of Berlin and beyond. We hope there will be many guests coming around the station showcasing their music. Thus, it’s a real pleasure to have Garçon Gaston as our first guest of the year.

Originally from Ukraine, then migrating to Germany and studying in Mainz, Garçon Gaston has relocated to Berlin after years of regular visits to the Hauptstadt. He plays contemporary & vintage electronic music from the past, present & future. His music selection depends on the opportunity and the venue, but each time trying to bring the listener to the unknown shores of a certain special sound.

Garçon Gaston’s interest in music starts in the late 90s with focus on guitar driven music like Metal, Post-Punk & Progressive Rock. Later in the 00s he discovered the world of electronic music through techno, minimal & house. Finally he found his passion for Disco, New Wave, Kraut, Electro, and all of other leftfield and outstanding dance music, which he tries to combine in his timeless sets.

In his own words, today’s show “will be a journey between experimental sounds, ethno tunes and some industrial madness”. Enjoy!

Catch him here -> https://soundcloud.com/garcon-gaston

here -> https://www.mixcloud.com/Garcon-Gaston/

here -> https://ra.co/dj/garcongaston

and here -> https://www.instagram.com/garcon_gaston/

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douaa - haditouni [habibi funk]
toni&mash - strip
peter missing & hackbert - redirect (minimal version) [separated beats]

Garçon Gaston:
Whodamanny's Cosmic Morphology - Dysomnia Dead-end Chaos (Periodica Records)

Seemori - Obanzai (Osare Editions)

Nico Mecca - Divagazioni (Periodica Records)

Delta-Sleep-Inducing-Peptide - Urban Night (Bigbandalone)

Prima Musica - Jeden Krok (The Very Polish Cut-Outs)

Edit Service Vol.4 by Cosmo Vitelli - Porte Dorée (I'm a Cliché)

T-Woc - Kasioso (Strangelove)

Novoline - Copertone (make dub) remixed by Dama (Protofuture)

Bunzinelli - Anxiety Attack (Neubau Rec.)

Legion 808 - Daniel Adore (Unknown Precept)

I heard You Laughing - Nocturne (Unknown Percept)

Borghesia - Z.M.R. (Eskimo Recordings)

Somachrome - W.O.T.O.S. (Periodica Records)

Good Block - Mondo (Orange Tree Edits)

Don Kashew - Supermarché (Subject to Restrictions Discs)

Volga Select - Spione (I'm a Cliché)

Sepehr - Neophyte Delight (Dark Entries)

Panoptique - My Desire (Macadam Mambo)

SoFa, Houschyar, Okay Temiz - Taksi (Second Circle)

Lost Soundbytes - Screw Loose (Unknown Precept)

DJ Overdose - Allez Hop (Libertine Records)

Ólta Karawane - Racaille (I'm a Cliché)

Eindark - Tapping with the fan (Unknown Precept)

Hermanos Guzanos - 3 Miles away (Bigbandalone)

Houschyar - Universal Language (Späti Rec.)

Guillaume de Bois - Sequence Fiction (Duca Bianco)

RSF - Chez Konrad (Closing the Circle / Private records)

Krzysztof Duda - Tascam (The Very Polish Cut-Outs)