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Memorias #64 “amiga jungle” w/ lime68k & naga

15 September 2022
  • Jungle
  • Bombastic

we're back from the summer break with a wicked guest mix by VJ and DJ lime68k, featuring jungle tracks produced on music tracker with the legendary commodore amiga personal computer. you can check out her works under ethereal.pw and follow her on twitter

more amiga jungle tracks -> https://twitter.com/AmigaJungle

memorias #64 cover



bruno berle - virginia talk
alchemulator - the great hortus somnius of thalamere
circruitry feat. electro wayne - slow dance interlude
eva noxious - hasta la muerte (prod. jaem beatz)
tommorow's gift - jazzi jazzi
abdallah ag oumbadougou - akokass
ASS - crachent au visage


celsius - too fast
juice - da jungle is wicked
celsius - justice 96 remix
hoffman - atom-sphere (edit)
muffler - enclose
kure - mental palpitator
randall - move your body
yolk - age of tantrum
jakim - anisotropy ft. corny
ganja - final hit ft. teis