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Memorias #7 ‘the Sun special’ with Nagababa

7 July 2017

Ra, Surya, Kodoyanpe, Kazooba, Shamash, Apollo, Jóhonaa’éí, the list goes on. We have given the Sun many names and meanings: healing, fertility, destruction… It’s time to honour the celestial God by playing compositions dedicated to our closest star. Inspired by David Mancuso, the show will be divided in three moods or bardos: the rising Sun, the Sun in its zenith and the setting Sun.


Futers - Cide [777]
Barnett & Coloccia - A.M. Horizon [Blackest Ever Black]
Bremen - Sun Son [Blackest Ever Black]
The Beatles - Here comes the Sun
Ramp - Daylight
Powder - Random Ladder With 40 [Born Free]
Soul Capsule - Lady Science (NYC Sunrise) [trelik records]
Kornél Kovács - Lighthouse [Numbers]
S. Moreira - Late Dawn [Slow Life]
Martin Venetjoki - Vild Sommar [Gungeligung]
Taxi - Let the Sunshine in
Orgue Electronique - Sunn [Creme Organization]
Malin Genie - Solar Boat [Fathers & Sons Productions]
N.R.G. - The Real Hardcore (Edit Version) [R & S Records]
Al Di Meola - Land of the Midnight Sun
Central Line - Walking into sunshine (American Remix)
The Mystic Jungle Tribe - Naked Sun [Early Sounds Recordings]
Los Ejecutivos - Un rayo de Sol
Roy Ayers - Love from the Sun
Mr. YT - Afternoon
Pharaohs - Rinse Dream [Vinyls On Wax Records Limited]
Sun Palace - What’s the time?
The Normalmen - Flames of Light [Early Sounds Recordings]
Red Sails in the Sunset - Red Sails in the Sunset
The Jazzhole - Shining Star (Julio mix) [Bluemoon]

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