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Memorias #73 w/ naga

14 September 2023
  • Afrobeats
  • Experimental
  • Electronic
  • Melancholy
  • Sincere

First show of the cashmere season 2023/2024 !

As in every start of the season, memorias gets a brand new intro theme song. After that, we dive deep into nostalgic tunes that have marked this summer that is coming to an end.

The shadows are getting longer, melancholy is in the air. Perfect season for memorias.

Cashmere stands in solidarity with the victims of the earthquake in Morocco. Here are some NGOs that are providing help where you can donate:

– banque alimentaire : https://banquealimentaire.ma/donation/

– Sarah Jaidi for SOS Villaged’Enfants Maroc: gofund.me/95d19ad9

– @elbarakaangels bank transfer to “El Baraka Angels”

Account number: 007810000105500000021509


Agence Attijariwafabank, Avenue France, Rabat

*Contrary to what is said on the show about Simone being Algerian, she is Egyptian.

memorias #73 cover.jpg


michael bundt - future street no.7
romance - for all eternity
gianni safred - autumn 2001
minor science - the dinas walk
dali muru & the polyphonic swarm - witch wisent (featuring Enir Da on vocals) out on Stroom
Erik Wøllo - Tide 1
forever pavot - la mer a boire
eva noxious - time pass you by
nico motte - slow burner
cv vision - zauberer und die hex
Nagat El Seghira - ana baasha el bahr
Simone - Mabsouta
ryuichi sakamoto - paradise lost
elia y elizabeth - descripción
get up and go - eye-catcher
paul mccartney - darkroom
bones - the circling sun
koji kondo - super mario 64 - dire dire docks
4D - Sex appeal
nathan dawidowicz - capricorn rising over the jerusalemite temple pt.2
jean labre - crépuscule