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Memorias #75 w/ naga

31 October 2023
  • Library Music
  • Disco
  • Deep House
  • Ethereal
  • Melancholy

For the 75th instalment of memorias, we explore the kpm / extreme music catalogue of 70s library music recordings. For the second half of the show, naga cooks up an impromptu mix of obscure belgian and german cosmic disco nuggets finishing up with two IDM / deep house remixes.

Cashmere Radio rejects, in the strongest possible terms, the police violence, censorship, and suppression of free speech and assembly that we have witnessed in Germany in the past days—in our streets, our institutions, and across media channels. We condemn the antisemitic and islamophobic acts occurring in our city, and we call for an end of German and Western support of the hostilities. We see the German State’s response to this crisis, long-held and yet now made transparent, as racism that violently imposes itself on mourning and the pursuit of peace.

We strongly encourage Cashmere’s members and listeners to think, read, discuss, and stay informed critically and respectfully, and to do what they can do to advocate for a ceasefire and humanitarian aid.

Here are some links to support channels:

Médecins Sans Frontières

International Committee of the Red Cross

Medical Aid For Palestinians

Alliance For Middle East Peace

The Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy



memorias #75 cover.png


michael bundt - future street no.7
keith mansfield - dissolving images
graham france de wilde - fashion international
john cameron - half forgotten daydreams
gandalf - the peaceful village
john cameron - liquid sunshine
kool & the gang - summer madness
alan hawkshaw - mystique voyage
alan hawkshaw - cruising
alan frederick parker & alan hawkshaw - stratosphere
romance - for all eternity
enigma - sadness part 1 (radio edit)
eva noxious - time pass you by
sidéros - sideros
4D - sex appeal
lord echo - thinking of dub
mc duff dimension - f-fan’s wedding
1000 ohm - you lose
der plan - deutschland, bleiche mutter
bibi flash - vie privée
giwa - futur
dntel - (this Is) The dream Of evan & chan (superpitcher kompakt remix)
azymuth - jazz carnival (space jazz mix - global communication remix)