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Memorias #81 w/ naga

25 April 2024
  • Library Music
  • Post-punk
  • Pop
  • Excitable
  • Provocative

a springtime selection of music to tune in with the changes in weather and bodily hormones. A mixtape for our spring crushes, if you will.

click play and let the music and the soothing voice of naga do their magic.

memorias #81 cover.png


michael bundt - future street no.7
beat pharmacy - pulse nodes
nightfall in camp - cada día
agustin pereyra lucena - canto de ossanha
alessandro alessandroni - tahiti joint
daisaku kume - gnossiene no. 1 (erik satie)
jean-pierre mirouze - lovers party
peter howard morris - sunburst
i marc 4 - suoni armonici 
r. roland - ethero-disco
gino rotten - a3
pyrolator - happines
duncan lamont - lucky one
dan davis - feel so glad
michael chapman - Lescudjack
louis armstrong and the hot five - i’m not rough
roland delys - love
cumbia moderna de soledad - da ya think I’m sexy
lole y manuel - romero verde
norman maine et son orchestre typique - day o
gino rotten - b2 VII
the smashing pumpkins - galapagos
david javelosa - d-day part 1
queen - bycycle race
azymuth - dear limmertz
ziad rahbani - yalla kichou barra
martin rev - skateboard
naga - condo
the one “o” ones - radio cosmo 101 (instrumental)