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Minnewunder #29 w/ Franzi & Caroline Whiteley

18 July 2019
  • Bass Music
  • Downtempo
  • Electronic
  • Techno
  • House
  • Celebratory
  • Dreamy
  • Flowing

Thanks Caroline for stepping in for Jelena who wasn’t in Berlin that day.

For all the listeners: Get some rest before or after your club night with this show full of celebratory and dreamy tunes.

Transform your living room into a dancefloor or just lay down on your sofa.



Strategy - Evolu

Johanna Knutsson - Hassel

Buttechno - Slow Durk

Borai and Denham Audio - Daisy Dukes

Mall Grab - Growing Pains

Oscar Jerome (Yu Su Mix) - Words Can't Explain

Logan & Kouslin - Bad (Vocal Mix)

Roza Terenzi - 50 Millionaire (Rings Around Saturn Pulp Mix)

AceMo ft. John FM - Where They At???

Caterina Barbieri - Pinnacles of You

Konx-om-Pax - Säule Acid feat. Silvia Kastel

T. Williams - Be Alone

Ilana Bryne - Feelin' Myself

Horsepower Productions - Stranger

JP Enfant - The Red Room

No Smoke - Ai Shi Temasu