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Minnewunder #15 with Franzi and Sascha

27 April 2018
  • EBM
  • Electro
  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • Indie
  • Atmospheric
  • Celebratory
  • Dark
  • Dreamy
  • Melancholy

Since Laura and Jelena were not in town, Sascha aka Basco (ashore) did help out with wonderful music from artists like Amen Dunes over to DJ Slyngshot. The second part contains a mix by wht_distance that includes some smashing contemporary electronic dance music.


Andy Rantzen & David Sudmalis – Barren Ground
Caroline Says – Mea Culpa
Amen Dunes – Believe
Camp Cope – The Face Of God
Hop Along – One That Suits Me
Moodymann – Pitch Black City Reunion
DJ Slyngshot – Stop Playin Pt. 1

mix by wht_distance
Heldon – Zind
Vactrol Park – Probe Into Static
Jaures – Silence (After Death)
Magic Mountain High – Untitled (Workshop XX)
b1 Δύναμη force
Leo James – What Happened To You
Biogen – Psychic Function
King Ghazi – Shamaleh (Gilb-R Dub Version)
Bufiman – Kalvier
Parrish Smith – Minima

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