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Nachtkultur Residency Kyiv w/ Diser tape (live)

20 July 2019
  • Electronic
  • Atmospheric

diser tape – electronic music duo based in Kyiv works on crossing fields of industrial, ambient, glitch, dub and other. Produced two LPs and organised series of conserts on multichannel sound. One of the 8-channel program was performed this year on festival ATOM (Zhytomyr, Ukraine). Duo has a continuous interest in understanding music. Each live of diser tape is different and has some new compositions.

This live set has alluring textures and soft sounds played on bunch of layers. All compositions made of fresh material collected for future album.

This set was recorded live at 20ft Radio during the “Nachtkultur / Нічна культура” residency of electronic music which took place from July 16 to July 28, 2019 at Audiodrag Studios in Kyiv. Organized by Cashmere Radio and Visual Culture Research Center.

The residency is a “MEET UP! Pitching winner».