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No Exit #11 w/ Chloé Lula

14 March 2019

No Exit host Chloé Lula goes downtempo with a mix of 80-100 BPM ambient, minimal synth and wave.


SoundCloud: @chlo-lula



Monoton - Tonspur
Circular Ruins - Time Without End
Craig Leon - The Gates Made Plain
Pablo's Eye - Cypher NY Mix
The Misz - A La Recherche De BL
Absent Music - Akahito
Absent Music - The Monkey House
The Names - Night Shift
Virile Games - Black Iron Prison
Novostj Dsordne - Tristi Di Rabbia
Unovidual & Tara Cross - Like I Am / Comme Je Suis
Foreign - Cold Blooded
Zak Famelios - Send Me Away
Body of Light - Light is Gone

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