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No Exit #24 w/ Chloé Lula

28 July 2020

Unlike past episodes, this month’s No Exit features a lot of fresh releases from up-and-coming electronic artists. Includes: an experimental side project from Broken English Club, Ritual Acid; the latest EP from Berlin-based duo Group A; chugging 100 BPM from Italian label Random Numbers; and ambient throwbacks like O Yuki Conjugate. 


Ritual Acid - Cattle Feed
O Yuki Conjugate - A Darker Belief
Service - Russian Optimism (SM Nurse Edit)
Zmatsutsi - Slip Slide
Wang Inc. - Solido
Carcass Identity - Narrenschiff
Circulation - Group A
UVB76 - Dezba
BXP - Tupla
Avsluta - Skinned Landscape (Oliver Torr Remix)
Vanligt Folk - Bah SØD
Chen Yi - Rug
ASS - Chiens De Race

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